Puerto Rico's advocate for women, Wanda Vazquez, announced Monday a campaign to educate police about gender violence following the death of three women at the hands of their partners over the weekend.

Madelin Torres Soto, 39, was shot three time and killed by her ex-husband, Victor Vazquez, climaxing a series of harassment episodes including an April incident when he shot at her, which prompted the issuance of a restraining order.

Vazquez told WKAQ radio that an investigation will determine whether police acted with due diligence and complied with the regulations for gender violence in this case, which ended with the killer's suicide.

Senate President Eduardo Bhatia describes as tragic the problem of gender violence on the Caribbean island, and said that all society should lend a hand to dealing with the problem.

Gender violence reached worrying dimensions in 2011 with 26 killings.

The number dropped in 2012, when 16 women were slain by their partners, while this year to date gender violence has taken seven lives.

Wanda Vazquez's office estimates that 53 women are victims of domestic violence every day on the Caribbean island. EFE