Mexican chef Patricia Quintana will close her restaurant Izote to begin a new project, a personalized banquet service business.

"A goodbye is a see-you-later and ... the moment has come to close Izote, which flourished like the flower of the yucca palm," said Quintana in a farewell letter.

The chef is saying goodbye after 13 years heading the restaurant, located on the exclusive Masaryk Ave. in the Mexican capital.

"I am convinced of the importance these 13 years at Izote have had. They allowed me to grow personally and professionally. Now, you will be able me to find me with the new project 'Izote comes to your house,' where you will be given personalized banquet service," said the chef.

One of the country's most acclaimed chefs, Quintana for more than 45 years has devoted herself to the research and recovery of the origins of Mexican gastronomy with its roots among the indigenous peoples.

"We're closing one cycle and we're being reborn to continue offering you exquisite Mexican dishes that all during my career I have learned about from the gastronomy of Mexico," she said.

Quintana has published more than 25 books about cooking that have been translated into several languages. EFE