The Spanish-language Twitter account of Pope Francis has more followers than any of the pontiff's accounts in other languages.

With 2,588,352 followers, Francis's Spanish account is the most popular, followed closely by his English Twitter account with 2,587,681 followers and more distantly by his Italian account with 815,521.

Social network experts have observed significant growth over the past few weeks in the number of followers on the pontiff's Portuguese Twitter account, now with 383,829 followers, thanks in part to the pope's upcoming visit to Brazil for the July 22-28 World Youth Day event.

The fact that the pope is from Argentina and the large number of Catholics in Latin America have greatly contributed to the success of the Spanish version of the @pontifex Twitter account, which the pontiff's predecessor, Benedict XVI, inaugurated on Dec. 12, 2012.

During the first few days of the pontificate's Twitter presence six months ago, English-speaking followers were the most numerous - with 615,248 - followed by Spanish-speakers with 141,914, a trend that reversed after the arrival of Pope Francis. 

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