Pedro J. Ramirez, publisher and editor of the Spanish daily El Mundo, on Thursday was honored by the Eisenhower Fellowships for his commitment to the defense of press freedom and his role in the promotion of ties between Spain and the United States.

Ramirez expressed his gratitude for the First Amendment award, which bears the name of the U.S. Constitution's amendment guaranteeing freedom of the press, saying that it is a "source of progress" for democracies.

The prize bestowed by the organization created in tribute to President Dwight D. Eisenhower was presented at the residence of the Spanish ambassador to the United States, Ramon Gil-Casares, by Javier Cremades, the president of foundation's Spanish Fellows Association, in the presence of Fellowships President John Wolf.

The editor of El Mundo read the op-ed piece he will publish in the Sunday edition of the newspaper and which he will dedicate to Eisenhower.

Ramirez recognized the role of the former World War II commander and U.S. president as one of the great promoters of the press and said that with his signing of the 1953 Madrid Pact with Spain he placed within the Francisco Franco dictatorship "a Trojan horse of a prosperous future that inevitably contained the desire for liberty." EFE