Actress Eva Mendes said in an interview with New York Magazine that she would love to have more privacy in her personal life, so that even her dog and that of her boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, were protected from being harassed by paparazzi.

The actress's dog is called Hugo and Gosling's is George.

"I'll go somewhere and they'll be like, 'Hey, Hugo!' and I'm like, 'How do you know Hugo's name?' That's so creepy!" said the actress of Cuban descent, who wished magazines had to blur the animals' faces the way British tabloids blur the faces of celebrities' kids.

During the interview, Mendes backed off giving any details about her relations with Gosling.

"That's where I start to shut down. Because it gets into personal territory that I don't feel comfortable talking about. So sorry," she said.

Nor did she want to say anything about the character she plays in the film that her boyfriend is going to direct, "How to Catch a Monster."

"I don't want to disclose anything because I feel like there are no more surprises anymore, whether it's in film, about the ending of a story, or what a character looks like - by the time we see the movie, we've seen paparazzi shots of the actor wearing the wig. Where's the mystery? Where'd it go? I want it back," Mendes said.

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