Skin Care Tips for Latinas and Women of Color

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Published February 15, 2013

| Fox News Latino

For many Latinas, having good skin is the foundation of beauty. According to some recent estimates, Hispanics spend substantially more than the total market in products like hair and skin care, as well as toiletries. But what about women who are taking it to the next level and are opting for skin treatments and even plastic surgery?

Dr. Jeffrey Yager is a MY Lifestyle Magazine contributor who is also founder of Yager Esthetics in New York. He specializes in skin treatments for Latinas and women of color. Yager joined us on MY Lifestyle Extra to tell us what’s hot right now, what to watch out for and give us vital skin care tips for women of color.

“These patients are more prone to dark spots (hyperpigmentation), hypertrophic and keloid scars, and can have bad reactions to treatments that produce heat or irritation,” he explained in his feature for MY Lifestyle Magazine. “Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon, dermatologist or spa professional if they have extensive experience in treating patients of your skin tone.”

To find out the hottest skin trends right now and to know how to protect yourself when getting your next skin treatment, watch the video above.