A 9-year-old girl gave birth at the end of last month, administrators at a hospital in this western Mexican metropolis said Wednesday.

The girl became pregnant at the age of 8, according to Enrique Rabago Osorio, the director of the Hospital General de Occidente in Guadalajara.

Doctors performed a Caesarean on the girl on Jan. 27, he told a press conference.

"Due to her age, her body is not able (or) in the best shape to have a baby," the doctor said, adding that the girl and her newborn were released in good health last weekend.

Rabago Solorio said that the girl received psychological attention before and after the birth, and she will also be monitored by medical professionals in the coming weeks to evaluate any possible emotional problems she might develop.

She also received a subcutaneous implant so that she could avoid possibly becoming pregnant again, a procedure that was approved by her mother, the hospital's head of gynecological services, Raymundo Serrano, said.

On the advice of the medical team, the girl's mother went to the Jalisco state Attorney General's Office to belatedly report the fact that her daughter had been impregnated.

An official in the AG's office on Wednesday told Efe that an investigation has been launched with the aim of finding the alleged father and determining his age, which was reported to be 17.

The mother said that when she learned of the pregnancy, in the seventh month, she went to the purported father to ask him to accept his responsibility in the matter.

The boy agreed to have the girl live with him, but she refused to do so, at which point the teenager decided to leave the state to look for work, according to the mother's account. EFE