Why Do Athletes Cheat? Finding Answers Following Recent Revelations About Lance Armstrong

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Published January 23, 2013

| Fox News Latino

Shock, discontent and disbelief were some of the emotions impacting Lance Armstrong and competitive sports fans in general, after the seven-time Tour de France winner recently admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career.

So what is the psychological impact on society when a mainstream hero becomes a cheater? And why do athletes feel the need to cheat? 

One of the most important questions came from our readers through social media. They wanted to know how a secret spirals out of control, becoming even toxic. Also, how can one release the burden of a big lie?

"The pain of maintaining the secret has to be greater than the pain of revealing it,” said Joel Jaro, New York-based psychotherapist. “Secrets beget secrets, lies beget lies. Most people, when maintaining secrets or lies, have to remember their entire history of deception in order to maintain a consistent version of their 'truth.”

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