A third baby has died from among the sextuplets born Jan. 10 in this western Mexican city, and the state of the remaining three is delicate, the Michoacan state Health Department said.

The three survivors are in the intensive care unit of Women's Hospital in Morelia, the state capital.

Dr. Rosalba Martinez Luviano, neonatologist and supervisor of infant care, said the third baby, a boy named Yosio, passed away on Thursday.

The baby died of extreme prematurity, which caused a hemorrhage and persistent pulmonary hypertension, she said.

Doctors delivered the sextuplets by performing a cesarean section on Salud Romero Ruiz, 33, in her 27th week of pregnancy, judging her to be in a high-risk state of health. Romero had four babies 12 years ago, one of which died.

In her second multiple birth, she had four girls and two boys, of whom only two females and one male have survived.

Jade, one of the girls still clinging to life and who weighs 640 grams (1 pound 6 ounces), is on artificial respiration and in grave condition.

Her brother Benjamin weighs 570 grams (1 pound 4 ounces) and shows serious metabolic alterations and is also on artificial respiration.

The smallest, Sujey, weighs 460 grams (1 pound 2 ounces) and her health is reported as delicate, though she is breathing on her own.