Puerto Rican actress Adamari Lopez, on hand this week for a presentation of her first book entitled "Viviendo" (Living), told Efe that her greatest hope is to become a mom.

"Right now, one of my biggest wishes, if not the very biggest, is to have the chance to be a mother," Lopez said Friday during an interview with Efe in San Juan, where she presented the book "Viviendo" that hit the bookstores las Dec. 31.

She also said that if she doesn't manage to get pregnant sometime in her life, she will think of adopting, since "if it's a good kid and it's going to bring harmony and well-being to my home, I would love it."

The possibility of Lopez having a baby, however, seemed lost when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but now she has been cured of the disease for seven years.

"Today I can say I'm free of the illness, in very good health and hoping that I can continue that way the rest of my life," the actress said.

Lopez added Friday that among her other dreams is getting back to acting in telenovelas. The last she made was "Alma de Hierro" (Soul of Iron), which she shot in Mexico.

Lopez was also celebrating the news that Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Draco Rosa is now free of cancer after having battled the disease for almost two years.

"I'm so happy for Draco because he's such a fighter - he says he'll keep forging ahead and that he will get over the disease," Lopez said. EFE