Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal tweeted Thursday that he was "jumping for joy" after learning that his latest project, "No," picked up an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film.

"Thanks to everyone for your lovely congratulations," the film's star said on Twitter. "I'm still walking around in the dark, jumping for joy without having had any coffee yet."

"No," directed by Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain, will compete with "Amour" (Austria), "War Witch" (Canada), "A Royal Affair" (Denmark) and "Kon-Tiki" (Norway) for the Oscar.

All the credit for the Oscar nomination belongs of Larrain, Bernal tweeted.

The film, which deals with Chile's 1988 plebiscite on whether dictator Augusto Pinochet should remain in power, won the Art Cinema Award at the Cannes Film Festival. EFE