Popular Argentine actor Ricardo Darin tried on Monday to reduce the tone of the controversy that arose with President Cristina Fernandez after he questioned the sources of her wealth.

The star of "El secreto de sus ojos," which took the 2010 Oscar for Best Foreign Film, did not expect that his remarks to a magazine would result in an irate response from the president.

"There have been no public officials more criminally denounced and investigated by the Argentine judiciary regarding enrichment than was my husband and lifelong companion (the late Nestor Kirchner, Fernandez's predecessor as head of state)," said the president Sunday in a letter disseminated online.

Fernandez's reply sparked a flood of support for the actor in the social media.

Darin tried on Monday to throw cold water on the controversy and said he would continue the debate with the president in private.

"I respect and appreciate that she replied to me ... The best thing is to speak in private," the actor told the daily La Nacion.

He said that his remarks came during a "simple chat" with a journalist.

The net worth of Argentina's first family has increased from 6 million pesos ($1.2 million) in 2003, when Kirchner became president, to 70.5 million pesos ($10.2 million) now, La Nacion said. EFE