Mexican bakers have made a traditional holiday ring cake that instead of measuring the usual two feet or so, weighed in at 10 tons and stretched in a nearly mile-long circle on Mexico City's main plaza.

National bakers association vice president Antonio Arias says the bready Rosca de Reyes was estimated to be sliced into 200,000 pieces.

Bakers used more than 5 metric tons of flour, 3 tons of butter and 38,600 eggs to create the cake.

The sweet bread is traditionally eaten on Jan. 6, Three Kings Day, marking the end of the holiday season in Mexico.

The 1 1/2-kilometer-long cake was decorated with dried fruits and hidden inside were non-edible plastic figures of the baby Jesus.

Thousands of Mexicans got a taste of the "roscon de Reyes," which was distributed free in the capital's giant Zocalo square.

"It's very important to maintain this tradition, and what better (place to do so) than in the ... Zocalo," said Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera, who was in charge of distributing the cake.

Whole families gathered starting early Thursday morning to receive their pieces of cake and chocolate milk from an army of volunteers.

Susana Fuentes told Efe that this kind of event helps foster healthy family activities. "The important thing is for the kids to come and interact," she said.

The vice president of Mexico's baking industry association, Antonio Arias, told Efe that more than 2,100 people participated in preparing the cake.

He estimated the cost at around 1 million pesos ($80,000).

Arias said that next year they will try to prepare a cake up to 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) long with the aim of setting a new Guinness World Record. 

Based on reporting by EFE and The Associated Press.

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