The cold wave besetting northern India has resulted in 110 deaths, most of them indigent people, including nine people confirmed dead by authorities on Wednesday in Uttar Pradesh.

The most recent deaths registered in Uttar Pradesh, where 92 people have now died, occurred in the towns of Mirzapur, Muzaffamagar, Barreilly, Moradabad and Amroha, according to what unidentified officials told The Times of India.

Uttar Pradesh has recorded some of the lowest temperatures on the Indian subcontinent, in particular in the city of Agra, where the Taj Mahal is located, where the thermometer dipped to 0.9 C (33 F).

Other areas, such as Kashmir in the northwest, are registering much lower temperatures - with the thermometer plunging to minus 17 C (1 F) in the Kargil area on Wednesday morning - but these are regions where the public is more used to, and thus better prepared, for extreme cold.

The majority of the people who have died in the cold wave are homeless or people living in marginal neighborhoods.

Many Indian cities have shelters for the indigent, but the facilities are inadequate for housing everyone who might need assistance and are often in rundown condition. EFE