A Spanish pastry bakery created a "polvoron" - a type of shortbread - calculated to be the largest in the world and distributed it on Wednesday among 10,000 people at a mall in this southern city.

For the sixth consecutive year, Mantecados La Muralla baked this gigantic Christmas pastry and brought it from its facilities to Malaga.

The polvoron was 5 meters (16.25 feet) long and 2.40 meters wide and weighed 300 kilos (660 pounds).

A total of 120 kilos of wheat flour, 75 kg of almonds, 50 kg of sugar, 50 kg of lard and 5 kg of cinnamon were used in its preparation, the factory manager, Jose Luis Olmedo, told Efe.

The pastry could not be made any larger because "it wouldn't fit" into the truck that was to be used to transport it, Olmedo said.

The idea arose in 2001 in Seville and since then the company has prepared the world's largest polvoron for several southern Spanish provinces, as well as for Madrid and Badajoz.

Although it has never officially set a Guinness World Record, the managers of Mantecados La Muralla claim that there is no polvoron larger than the one they make for Christmas. 

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