Claudionor Viana Teles Velloso, the mother of Brazilian music greats Caetano Veloso and Maria Bethania, died Tuesday at her home in the northeastern state of Bahia, family members said. She was 105.

"Dona Cano," as she was known, suffered a stroke two weeks ago and was discharged from the hospital last Friday.

She died early Tuesday after spending Christmas Eve with all eight of her children at the house in Santo Amaro.

Due in part to the fame of Caetano Veloso and Maria Bethania, the family's home became a kind of salon for Brazil's musicians, poets and even politicians, making Dona Cano a national figure in her own right.

"Dona Cano set a standard for wisdom and generosity," former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Tuesday in a statement extending condolences to the family, while Culture Minister Marta Suplicy, described the deceased as a symbol of "the family and unshakeable faith."

Dona Cano also inspired the book "Cano Velloso: Memoirs of Knowing How to Live," published in 2009 by historians Antonio Guerreiro and Arthur Assis Gonçalves da Silva. EFE