A painting of Christ that was botched during a restoration effort by a church parishioner in Spain has sold on eBay.

An 80-year-old Spanish artist, Celia Giménez, became famous after her badly retouched fresco of Christ wearing a crown of thorns ended up looking like a disfigured, overweight she-man with a quadruple chin and no beard. The painting and Giménez became something of an international sensation.

The closing price Tuesday for the oil painting "Las Bodegas de Borja" ("Borja's Wine Cellar") more than tripled its starting price after 52 bids. It ended up selling for $1,421.

Giménez said the proceeds will go to the Catholic charity organization Caritas.

Giménez became a sensation in August when pictures spread on the Internet of an "Ecce Homo" ("Behold the Man") mural in the town of Borja that she disfigured while trying to restore it. Twitter users redubbed it "Ecce Mono" ("Behold the Monkey"). The painting was completed in 1930, but had gotten damaged after decades of wear and tear.

The painting has since become a tourist attraction and the image has been used on T-shirts and wine labels. The church where the painting was held even began charging people to see it.

Giménez ended up suing the church for a cut of the proceeds.

Based on reporting by The Associated Press.

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