A court in the Australian state of Victoria handed down prison terms on Wednesday to two men who brutally beat a Vietnamese student while shouting racist epithets.

Shannon Hudson was sentenced to 10 years and six months in prison, while Wayne O'Brien was ordered to spend four years and six months behind bars for the June 27 incident in Melbourne.

The two men, both 21, and a 17-year-old accomplice beat, kicked and stabbed Minh Duong.

"Lie down you dog, you yellow dog," one of the assailants said as the victim pleaded for his life.

The Vietnamese student survived, but with severe injuries that required extensive reconstructive surgery. He remains unable to speak or chew food normally.

Days before the attack, O'Brien shaved his head and began to associate with a group of skinheads who called themselves the Crazy White Boys and professed hatred for Asians, blacks and Jews.

"Whilst all sorts of psychiatric names and conditions are attached to all of this anger and rage, at some stage our society needs to work out why there are so many angry and unhappy young people, particularly males," state Supreme Court Justice Betty King said at the sentencing hearing. EFE