Hispanic men and women who cheat on their spouses are more "monogamous in their affairs" than the rest of its customers, according to figures provided by an agency that arranges affairs for married clients.

"When an Hispanic person finds someone that they like they want to spend more time with that person and change less than the rest," David Benoliel, vice president of operations for Latin America for Ashley Madison, which bills itself as "the world's leading married dating service for discreet encounters," told Efe.

A recent study of sexual behavior in the United States found that the number of married women who are unfaithful to their partners is increasing and stands at about 30 percent, while the number of men in that situation is about 50 percent, Benoliel said.

Surveys by Ashley Madison, about 35 percent of whose clients are women, show that the reason why Hispanic women seek an affair has been changing over the years and although some time ago it was due to marital problems currently it is the same reason motivating men: trying to get out of their routine.

Ashley Madison started operations more than a decade ago and currently has about 17 million users around the world, 800,000 of whom are Hispanics.

Like other groups, Hispanics start out seeking an affair after being married for four or five years.

The general profile of the firm's customers is that they are about age 40 for men and 35 for women, with children, university-educated, married for more than 10 years and in good economic circumstances.

Benoliel said that the firm has male clients who are older than 60, known as the "Viagra generation," although there are fewer women in that age group.

Another interesting aspect of the firm's clientele is that unfaithful Hispanic women are younger than other ethnic groups, due, in Benoliel's opinion, to the fact that they normally marry earlier than non-Latino women, although that is a trend that is diminishing.

The city with Ashley Madison's largest number of Hispanic clients is Los Angeles, with 51,920, followed by Miami with 49,300 and San Antonio with 42,520.

Benoliel said the majority of clients are seeking physical contact, although he acknowledged that there are many who are just looking to "flirt" or have a "virtual relationship." 

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