Spain's Crown Prince Felipe on Tuesday urged young people in the Ibero-American countries to contribute the drive, imagination and innovative capacity needed "in the design of any sustainable strategy for development and wellbeing."

In his speech at the inauguration of the Ibero-American Youth Innovation Meeting in the southern city of Cadiz, Felipe said that Spain's current crisis "obliges us all to explore to the best of our principles and our capabilities."

The prince referred to culture, society and technologies as fundamental aspects for fighting against unemployment.

Meanwhile, Ibero-American Secretary-General Enrique Iglesias said that young people today are more educated and informed than previous generations and "more interconnected than ever."

Yet, he said, among youth there are two fears: on the one hand, the fear of "being superfluous" referring to unemployment, and on the other hand the "fear of dying," because of the fact that people who "die violently today are mostly young people."

More than 100 young people from Spain, Portugal and Latin America are participating in this meeting, which precedes the Nov. 16-17 Ibero-American Summit in Cadiz. EFE