Brazilian Student Gets $780K for Virginity from Japanese Man

Published October 25, 2012

| Fox News Latino

The 20-year old Brazilian college student who auctioned off her virginity in an attempt to raise money to build homes for poverty-stricken families in her hometown has found her match in a Japanese man named Natsu.

Natsu beat out Americans bidders Jack Miller and Jack Right as well as a high roller from India, Rudra Chatterjee, by putting down $780,000 to be the first person to sleep with 20-year-old Catarina Migliorini.

While she insists she is not a prostitute and that she is only doing this to make a positive impact on the world, the physical education student has sparked controversy by having an Australian film crew follow her every move for a documentary entitled “Virgin’s Wanted.”

“I saw this as a business. I have the opportunity to travel, to be part of a movie and get a bonus with it,” Migliorini said, according to the New York Daily News. “The auction is just business, I'm a romantic girl at heart and believe in love. But this will make a big difference to my area.”

The Brazilian signed up for the project two years ago when she answered an advertisement by Thomas Williams Productions. She will be given $20,000 and 90 percent of the final auction price.

The auction’s winner will be tested for any sexually transmitted diseases while on board a flight from Australia to the U.S. in an effort to avoid any prostitution laws. A condom will be required.

Migliorini has also stated that she is prepared to prove to anyone who is skeptical that she has not had sex before. Her emotions before and after her first sexual encounter will be recorded by Director Justin Sisely.

Natsu also has the right to remain anonymous, as the intercourse will not be filmed and his picture will not appear in the media.

A male virgin name Alexander, who is also part of Selsey’s documentary, sold his virginity to a Brazilian woman name Nene B for $3,000.

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