In a season where the competition is fiercer than ever, Puerto Rican designer Casanova is making sure to bring a Latin flair to 'Project Runway All-Stars.'

Now a known name in the industry thanks to the cult favorite reality show, Casanova is back on TV in the second installment the 'Project Runway' spinoff.

Since first entering the spotlight two years ago on Season 8 of the original Runway series, Casanova found success almost immediately.

The eccentric designer had dreams of achieving fame and fortune when he came to U.S. to pursue a career in fashion.

But never did he think it would all happen so quickly.

Just three weeks after arriving in New York City, Casanova got the call about Project Runway.

Casanova sat down to talk to Fox News Latino about what we can expect to see on this season of All-stars while also discussing his Latino roots.

The first Puerto Rican to be featured on the show, Casanova says he feels like an ambassador for his country.

“I feel like a beauty contest,” the designer said, “like an ambassador to my country in some different platform.”

Fans of the designer can expect to see more polished, sophisticated elements to his design.

Crediting the show with helping to discover his esthetic, Casanova describes his style as very “risqué.”

Casanova says that fans will see a big difference between the Casanova on All-stars and the freshly immigrated version from season 8.

While in Season 8 Casanova was suffering from “cultural shock,” in All-Stars fans will see that, among other things, the designer’s English has vastly improved.

Casanova also hinted that fans should expect to see more of the Latino designer on TV in the near future.

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