The Mexican Carmen Isabel Hernandez Chavez, winner in 2011 of the tenth Miss Princess of the World contest, dreams of her line of beauty products being sold all over Mexico - and about being a mom.

"My dream, the plan I have for my life, is to have a successful business, to manage my own company and see my products in stores all over Mexico, and then start exporting," the 22-year-old beauty queen told Efe in Prague during her third visit to the Czech Republic.

Hernandez, who eight months ago established a beauty salon in San Luis de Potosi and is developing her own formulas for a line of beauty products, sees her enterprise shaping up as "a successful, well-known company."

Once she achieves that, she would like to "start a family" in order to be "a complete woman," said the "princess" of beauty, a role she confessed might not be that easy to keep up "year after year."

The Miss Princess of the World contest, created 10 years ago by a group of Czech businessmen, is a pageant honoring beauty and the gifts of communication, charm and ingenuity, for girls from 16 to 26. EFE