Mexico is the fourth-most interesting country for investors after Nigeria, Indonesia and South Korea, according to study released Friday by German magazine WirtschaftsWoche on high-potential economies.

In a statement, the magazine said investors in search of "long-term success should position themselves in second-rung markets like Nigeria, Indonesia, South Korea and Mexico."

The report added that the "turbo-growth phase" in the BRICs - Brazil, Russia, India and China - "has already passed" and those economies are rarely considered "dream" destinations by many investors.

The study took into account a range of variables, including basic macroeconomic indicators, balance of trade figures and political stability factors, and evaluated various characteristics of the different markets.

It determined the top investment destination to be Nigeria, followed by Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico, Turkey, Algeria, Poland, Ghana and Malaysia.

"The ranking lists the nine most underrated markets, those that despite their respectable development and sustainable business model are still not perceived as serious competitors," Florian Willershausen, WirtschaftsWoche's international editor-in-chief.

The release of the study coincides with the start of Mexican President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto's visit to four European countries - Germany, Spain, Britain and France.

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