The Mexican government announced Tuesday that it had awarded the country's Fine Arts Medal to Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who has been living in Mexico since the 1970s.

"On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Literature to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Fine Arts Medal will be presented to the journalist and writer," the National Council for Culture and the Arts announced in a communique.

The Fine Arts Medal is the highest honor conferred by Mexico's National Institute of Fine Arts to outstanding figures in the world of theater, dance, the plastic arts, music or literature.

The award is presented to personalities who have had brilliant careers and significantly influenced the country's artistic and cultural life.

The last person to be so honored was Argentine poet Juan Gelman, who only last weekend received the award for the "talent and tenacity" he has expressed over his long career.

Also among those to have received the award are Mexican architect Teodoro Gonzalez de Leon and cellist Carlos Prieto.

The date on which García Márquez will actually be presented with the Fine Arts Medal has not announced.

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