The president of the so-called cooking G9, Spanish chef Ferran Adria, said that the influence of Japanese cooking, with its touch of "poetry," has been "the most important fact of the last 10 years of elBulli's history."

In an interview with Efe in Tokyo, Adria, who is in the Japanese capital to inaugurate on Sunday the advisory council of the G9 (comprised of prestigious cooks from nine countries), said that the importance of Japanese cooking "is not only the product, it's the feeling. The perfect pairing between our pragmatism and their poetry."

Adria in July 2011 closed the doors of his restaurant elBulli, after 27 successful years, to begin a creative process that has aroused much expectation and in which, he says, the pressure is not a burden.

"Pressure? I've always enjoyed pressure. It's pressure with passion. I have a luxury now, which is time, and another luxury, which is freedom. I can do what I want, but this is not the most important thing; the most important thing is to love what you do," said the Catalonian, who is currently involved in several projects.

Among those projects are the future elBulli Foundation and the "Bullipedia" project, a virtual encyclopedia gathering all the culinary knowledge generated during the history of elBulli and which will be placed at the world's disposal.

"Bullipedia is a 20-year project to obtain all the content we want to have. When we begin there will be content, but it will be completed little by little. It's a new codification of cooking," Adria said.

The chef admitted that with the economic crisis "Spanish cooking is suffering a lot," but he said he would maintain his international outlook given that, although many "comrades" have had to close their businesses, there are some "very promising chefs" throughout the world.

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