Disappointed that you can't serenade your sweetheart because he or she lives in a high-rise building? If you live in Bogota, Colombia, one company has a solution for you.

Servicios Telescopicos Industriales, (STI), offers various services to help you pull off a memorable serenade or romantic proposal no matter how out of reach the object of your affection seems to be. For destinations at a maximum of three floors high, you can accompany the mariachi group in a scissor lift, but if you need to go higher, STI offers a large metal cage suspended from a telescopic crane which, according to the website, has "no height limit."

Starting at a million Colombian pesos, (approximately $550 USD), STI, takes over all the details necessary to make the event a success. The mariachi is provided along with the crane, as well as a bouquet for your sweetheart, special lights, confetti, and the metal basket in which one rides is decorated with flowers. While these events focus on celebrating, the company doesn't overlook practical things – no alcohol is permitted and safety helmets are required for all on board.

I've brought many serenades to my wife and it's always the same. But who expects mariachi to come to your window on the third floor?

- José Martínez, a businessman in Bogota

"I've brought many serenades to my wife and it's always the same," said José Martínez, a businessman in Bogota who spoke with Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, and who serenaded his wife by crane, "but who expects mariachi to come to your window on the third floor?"

STI explains on their website that their services aren't just for romantic serenades and marriage proposals – other event ideas include bachelor and bachelorette parties, quinceañeras, birthdays, and reunions. 

Unfortunately, STI isn't always assisting in romance and celebration. According to Nubia Celis, the manager of the company, they were once asked to put horns, a symbol of infidelity in Latin America, on the metal cage and their services have been used to make divorce requests, as well.

Tracy López is a bilingual writer living outside the Washington DC metro area. She is the founder of Latinaish.com.


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