Sixty-four men's and women's soccer teams from 52 countries will face off in the Homeless World Cup, to be played Oct. 6-14 in Mexico City's gigantic Zocalo square, Telmex Foundation president Arturo Elias Ayub said.

The foundation, created by billionaire Carlos Slim, is organizing this year's tourney.

Teams from Mexico finished second in both the men's and women's divisions at the 2011 Homeless World Cup in Paris.

Present at the lottery to determine the groups for this year's contest was Mexican first lady Margarita Zavala.

In the women's category, Group A includes Mexico, United States, Colombia, The Netherlands, Chile, Hungary and Paraguay, while Group B is made up of Brazil, England, Argentina, India, Canada, Nigeria and Kyrgyzstan.

In the men's category are eight groups of six teams each.

Group A consists of Mexico, South Africa, Denmark, Croatia, Finland, Haiti; Group B includes Ireland, Costa Rica, Argentina, Norway, India, Cambodia; Group C includes Ukraine, Poland, The Philippines, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Bosnia and Herzegovina and Group D includes Scotland, Lithuania, Indonesia, Canada, Sweden and Peru.

Group E contains Russia, England, France, Slovenia, Luxembourg and Bulgaria; Group F is made up of Chile, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, South Korea and Wales; Group G includes Portugal, Austria, United States, Romania, Greece and Zimbabwe and Group H includes Brazil, The Netherlands, Ghana, Namibia, Germany and Ivory Coast.

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