Erminda Duarte, the last surviving sibling of Eva Peron, died in Buenos Aires, Argentine media said Wednesday. She was 95.

Born in 1916, Erminda was the fourth of the five children of Juan Duarte.

Erminda Duarte, who had no children and was not involved in politics, appeared in public for the last time last week to participate in the events marking the 60th anniversary of the death of Evita, the second wife of President Juan Domingo Peron.

After Evita's death, the Duarte family progressively distanced themselves from Peron and when he was overthrown in 1955 Eva's mother and sisters exiled themselves to Chile until 1962.

In 1971, Erminda traveled to Madrid with her sister Blanca to participate in the process of repatriating Evita's remains, which had been taken by the junta that overthrew her husband, secretly buried in Italy and then turned over to Peron during his exile in the Spanish capital.

A year later, she published "Mi hermana Evita," in which she recounts Eva's story.

After the reestablishment of democracy in Argentina in 1983, Erminda and Blanca prevailed over Peron's third wife - Isabel - in a complex judicial process to receive Evita's inheritance and they were awarded $2 million.

The remains of Erminda Duarte will be buried on Wednesday in the capital cemetery of La Recoleta, where the body of Evita is also interred. EFE