Summer Fashion: Neon is HOT This Summer


Published July 29, 2012

| Fox News Latino

The 80s is one of my favorite fashion eras. It was the moment of the great rock s tar- long hair, obscene amounts of hairspray, leather pants, rubber bracelets- and, lots of neon. Legends like Madonna, Duran Duran, David Bowie, and Boy George made neon super cool and beyond trendy. I vividly remember my black high top Reeboks with neon pink shoelaces and my favorite neon yellow Body Glove bathing suit.

Styles come and go and fashion evolves. Yet trends keep coming back. This summer, neon colors are everywhere. Stores are filled with neon bags, belts, accessories, and of course- shoes!

Neon is loud and may be a bit challenging to pull together, but it’s a must have this summer. So how does one master the art of neon? Get a little adventurous and crazy! And, most importantly, have fun putting your outfit together!

If you want to add neon to your wardrobe, but you don’t feel comfortable dressing in bright colors head to toe, you might want to try it out in small splashes. The best way to do it is by “accessorizing.” You can start off with a great pair of sunglasses. Wayfarers, another staple of the 80s, are back this summer.  You may not recognize the name; but you will surely recognize the popular sunglasses made by Ray-Ban. Anyone who was cooler than cool owned a pair! Head out to the beach and you can confirm they are the “it” shades of the summer. And, these trendy sunglasses are now coming in hot neon colors like green, yellow, pink, and orange! I am in love with the classic frame in these amazing neon colors. Neon Wayfarers are the way to go.

You can also add a fun dash of neon to any outfit with bracelets, earrings or necklaces.  A great way to wear neon jewelry is to pair it with solid neutral colors. This way, you will have just the right amount of “loud” in your style. A great pair of jeans with a comfy and loose white t-shirt combined with a neon green necklace can make the outfit pop; it is a very simple style to pull off. Neon shoes are also “in” everything from solid neon colors to patterns or those with peeks of the bright colors.

Jennifer Lopez, never dressed in basics, is head to toe in neon… Neon green Michael Kors dress and hot neon pink shoes from Casadei! She is rocking the style in ultimate perfection.

Whether you choose to wear just a hint of neon or go all out, have fun. You will be guaranteed a “hot” wardrobe for this hot summer!

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