Members of the Hispanic community in the Southern California city of Anaheim engaged in new clashes with police who arrested about two dozen people. The violence left six people injured, authorities confirmed on Wednesday.

The community is protesting the deaths of Manuel Diaz and Joel Mathew Acevedo, who were fatally shot by police last weekend, and the demonstrators are accusing the authorities of persecuting Latinos.

Although the mother of Diaz, described as a gang member, issued a call for the violence to stop after filing a lawsuit for $50 million, the demonstrators on Tuesday night ignored that plea and threw stones and bottles at the cops.

During the fourth day of protests, several demonstrators hurled various objects and at least one Molotov cocktail at law enforcement authorities and prevented officers from searching someone they suspected was armed, police Sgt. Bob Dunn said.

Police used pepper spray and fired rubber bullets to disperse the demonstrators who did not obey the order to do so when the protest was declared illegal.

Dunn said that police had arrested 24 people, adding that three demonstrators, two reporters and a police officer were injured during the confrontation.

In addition, several small fires were set, most of them in trash cans, and some windows and stoplights in downtown Anaheim were broken.

The city council on Tuesday requested a federal investigation of last weekend's shootings. EFE