Colombian actress Sofia Vergara will perform in an episode of the animated series "Family Guy," where she will lend her voice to the leading character's hot love interest, Entertainment Weekly said Monday.

The star of the popular ABC comedy "Modern Family" will play the dream lover of Peter Griffin in a sequence in which he becomes a telenovela Don Juan.

In the same episode Vergara also does another voice, that of a woman who sells roses at a restaurant where Griffin goes with his pal Quagmire.

The irreverent "Family Guy" series, created by Seth MacFarlane, follows the nutty life of the Griffin family, led by an unstable dad with a psychopathic kid and whose most sane and sensible member is the dog.

The program debuts its 11th season on Sept. 30 in the United States and will also feature voice cameos by Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds, Elizabeth Banks an Kellan Lutz. EFE