The Rev. Alberto Cutie, a prominent Catholic priest who converted to the Episcopal Church amid a scandal of compromising photos showing him with his mistress, baptized his second son this weekend in Miami, according to People en Español magazine.

Alberto Felipe is the second child of Alberto and Ruhama Cutie. Their daughter, Camila Victoria, was born last year.

While still in the Catholic Church, the Rev. Cutie hosted radio and television programs as "Padre Alberto."

The baptism of Alberto Felipe Cutie took place this Sunday at the Church of the Resurrection in Biscayne Park.

Other family members, friends and more than 100 of the faithful from the church congregation attended a ceremony during which, the magazine said on its Web site, the priest kissed Alberto Felipe tenderly beside the baptismal font and raised the baby over his head to show him off to the congregation.

"May this light, the light of faith and of baptism guide him to the light that never ends, the light of eternal life," Cutie said after lighting candles that he then handed to the baby's godparents.

"I am happy and at peace," Ruhama said after the service, which was followed by a small reception at the church. "Today is a day of many blessings. We are happy," she said.

The Rev. Cutie left the Catholic Church in 2009 to marry Ruhama Buni Cannellis after the couple was surprised on a Miami beach by a paparazzo who took their picture.

The scandal spread like wildfire around the world and Cutie switched his allegiance to the Episcopal Church, which, unlike the Catholic Church, allows it pastors to marry. "I'm not the same person that entered the seminary 22 years ago - I'm in love," he said at the time. EFE