Belarus will participate in the construction of a space base in the eastern Venezuelan state of Aragua to be used for launching satellites, Venezuelan Ambassador to Belarus Americo Diaz Nuñez said Wednesday.

"Belarus will participate in the construction of the space base in the state of Aragua in Venezuela. The construction of that base is planned not to launch nuclear rockets, but to send into space scientific research satellites," the diplomat said at a press conference.

The space base will be just one of the projects that will be carried out by Venezuela, China and Belarus, Diaz Nuñez said.

"The satellites are being manufactured today in China but the agreement has already been reached for them to be assembled in Venezuela," Diaz Nuñez said.

The three partner countries will also build a power plant in the state of Barinas, a project valued at 900 million dollars.

The project will be financed by China, while Belarus will provide the technology.

"The power plant will be built in three years, between 2012 and 2015, in the industrial zone of Santa Ines, in the state of Barinas," the ambassador said.

Belarusian President Alexandr Lukashenko visited Venezuela last week and met with his counterpart, Hugo Chavez, to consolidate the friendly and cooperative relations uniting the two nations.

On his third visit to the South American country, Lukashenko signed 20 accords with Chavez, among them petroleum, natural gas and technology agreements. EFE