They were serious when they said: “Yo quiero Taco Bell!”

The coastal town of Bethel, Alaska, accessible only by air, was disappointed when flyers promising them a Taco Bell turned out to be a hoax.

So the taco and burrito chain decided to right the wrong for the city of 6,200 – with 6,000 tacos.

Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed said the company flew in the fixings for 10,000 made-to-order Dorito Locos tacos at the city's cultural center. The city is 340 miles west of Anchorage.

Creed called it a huge success that touched his employees and prompted a congratulatory phone call from U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Taco Bell sent enough ingredients for 10,000 tacos. Since only 6,000 were served, the remaining ingredients were flown back to Anchorage for use at restaurants.

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