Japanese lawmaker Hidenao Nakagawa and Nissan Motor Company honorary chairman Itaru Koeda were awarded the Order of the Aztec Eagle, Mexico's highest honor for foreigners, on Tuesday, the Mexican Embassy said.

Mexican Ambassador to Japan Claude Heller presented the awards to the two men and thanked them for their work on behalf of relations between Mexico and Japan.

The work of Nakagawa and Koeda have contributed to helping Japan and Mexico enjoy a relationship that is "dynamic and looks toward the future," taking advantage of the growing potential of the Asia-Pacific region, Heller said in a statement.

The intense exchanges of the past few years have helped strengthen bilateral relations, Nakagawa, who is chairman of the Mexico-Japan Parliamentary Friendshp Federation, said.

The Japanese lawmaker said he would continue to promote cooperation between the countries.

Koeda, who is also chairman of the Mexico-Japan Economic Commission of the largest Japanese business association, said the honor would motivate him to work even harder to promote bilateral economic relations.

The Order of the Aztec Eagle, which was created in 1936, honors those who serve the Mexican nation and humanity. EFE