Like the NBA giants who floss his unquestionably chic designs, eyewear designer Edward Beiner is at the top of his game. 

Brazilian-born and now a Miami resident, he proudly boasts of Heat fever and proclaims his love of the city he’s called home for over 30 years.

Fashion followers only had to watch the press conferences given by Heat superstar Dwayne Wade lately to see how hot Beiner’s line is. 

For the Heat’s win against the Celtics, the baller wore the “Merrick” style with a baby blue suit. For their loss against the Lakers, Wade wore the same style in grey, and for their win against Oklahoma, he wore tortoise shell. 

Wade ignited a wildfire of press and gave rebirth to the three-year-old geek chic trend, done high fashion—all thanks to Beiner.

Moving from Santos, Brazil to Miami, the designer opened his first retail shop in Miami in the 80’s.  

He began designing his own eyewear line 14 years ago. He says he discovered he had a forte for design, the experience to do it, and an intimate understanding of his clients and what they wanted.

Most recently his clients are LeBron James, Heidi Klum, J. Lo, Alonzo Morning, and Dwayne Wade—not to mention all of the doctors, lawyers, and politicians, and their families who shop at Beiner’s stores.

The designer says he refuses to sell his line wholesale. 

Customers can find his glasses in any of the 11 stores throughout Florida or online. 

“I do my line for fashion," Beiner says. "I keep it affordable ($250 for every pair), allowing people to play and maybe even have multiple pairs."

Eyewear, like most fashion trends, start with the young in big cities and move out to the average shoppers, sometimes taking several years to go mainstream. 

“The basketball players added a fire to the high-fashion nerd look, and I think we’ll ride it for another six months, then it’ll be on to the next thing,” Beiner says.

His prediction for the next hot optical trend for shades will be rimless frames. 

He says customers will be seeing a more full and aggressively designed plastic, metal, or acetate frame with a lens suspended from it.

Inspired by Miami and his beautiful wife of 26 years, Beiner says the Latinos see so much of their own countries in the city. 

The vibrant colors are what he brings to his designs to set them apart.

“We’re darker skinned and have darker hair, so I wouldn’t use colors that work for blonds," Beiner says. "It’s not in me to do it—yellows and pastels—I can’t do them."

Whatever the eyewear trend will be next is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure.

D-Wade has turned up the heat -- fashionably speaking, of course.

Rebekah Sager is a writer/editor for Fox News Latino. She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @rebekah_sager

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