LAPD Detective Gus Martinez, who hates heights and heists has broken the Guinness World Record by completing a 25-hour Ferris wheel ride at the Santa Monica Pier amusement park, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Martinez undertook the dizzying effort as part of a fundraising drive for the Special Olympics. His 23-year-old son, who has Down syndrome, is a Special Olympics competitor and Martinez has coached several teams.

It is unclear how much money was raised.

Representatives from Guinness World Records were on hand to monitor Martinez's feat, which started at 7:30am local time Thursday. The previous record of 24 hours and 30 minutes was set in October in Dublin, Ireland.

Guinness' rules stipulated that Martinez was allowed to stop for one five-minute bathroom break each hour, or could choose to accumulate longer breaks.

"It was easy," Martinez said. "I had friends here 'til 5:00am to keep me company, but power bars got me through most of the day."

His "journey" was made much more comfortable by officials at Pacific Park, who added a special seat with additional padding, and installed solar panels so Martinez could use a cell phone, iPad and television.

Martinez's goal is not just to break records, but to raise attention for a special charity.

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