Mexican Tourism Secretary Gloria Guevara Manzo on Wednesday called here for the creation of regional visas similar to those issued by the European Union to facilitate the movement of travelers and foster global tourism.

This is one of the recommendations made at the last meeting of the tourism ministers of the G20 countries that Guevara will discuss at the World Economic Forum for East Asia that is running through Friday in the Thai capital.

"We're not saying that security should be sacrificed or that visas be taken away from everyone, but rather that the mobility of travelers should be facilitated and the visas processed more efficiently with existing technology," Guevara told Efe.

The secretary also proposed that tourism visas issued in one country be valid in others, as occurs with the documents issued by U.S. authorities, which also allow a person to visit Mexico.

"Tourism accounts for 9 percent of the world's gross domestic product, more than the automotive industry, and at times it's not given the support that it should be given," Guevara said. EFE