Let me start off by saying, this is not a cheat sheet for those that want to pretend they are being productive on the job. These tips are meant for those of you who happen to be skilled at making your productivity look (maybe too) effortless.

Lately, it seems like everyone except for you is getting a pat on the back from the boss for being so productive. You know you are just as productive as your coworkers, if not more. How can you get others to see it that way too?

Provide a Progress Report

Your boss is always busy and will only know about projects that are brought to his attention or approaching an important deadline. Therefore, provide weekly or bi-weekly updates on the status of any important projects you are working on and the results of any that have recently been completed. After all, you can’t go wrong with keeping others in the loop.

Speak up During Meetings

You know those long, dry meetings everyone mentally checks out of? Pay attention and take notes. Also, ask questions if you need clarification about something that was said. Before the end of a meeting make sure to outline what is expected of you based on the discussion. Arming yourself with notes and information will help you be more efficient in the long run. Try to find the answers to any tough questions that your coworkers or supervisors had during or after the meeting. This way, you will be recognized as the go-to person in your office.

Look the Part

If every time your boss walks by he sees you leaning back in your chair scrolling through Facebook or texting on your iPhone he will probably assume that is why you are always scrambling to meet deadlines. Also, remove any objects you keep scattered around your desk that don't pertain to the task at hand. Just because your desk is messy it doesn’t mean others will think it is because you are too busy to tidy up.

Help Others

On the days you have a lighter workload (or nothing to do) ask around to see who needs an extra set of hands on a project that is due soon. You can also send your boss an email to see if there's anything that you can help with. Everyone will appreciate you taking the initiative. You can also be the first to offer taking on "messy" projects or be the one to take the first step in a new office endeavor.

Remember it’s not just about looking productive, it’s about being efficient as well. By taking these visible actions others will be able to see that you are willing to take the lead when it comes to helping make your workplace more efficient.

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