An eagle attacked a British woman who was walking her two dogs in a field outside Benalmádena, a city in southern Spain, and tried to snatch one of the canines.

Suzanne Dodd was walking with her two dogs last Saturday afternoon when the raptor swooped in, but she managed to fight off the bird of prey.

The eagle had a strap on it and "did not appear afraid of people," the 43-year-old Dodd told Efe on Tuesday.

The raptor landed on one of Dodd's Jack Russell Terriers and started to pull the small dog by the head.

After the attack, Dodd put the leashes on her dogs and tried to quickly get out of the area.

The eagle caught up to her as she was going downhill and swooped in about 20 times until she managed to chase it away.

Dodd reported the incident to the National Police since it occurred on a hiking trail and she wanted to make sure that other people were aware of the danger.

Photo: 23dingenvoorarchieven @ Flickr

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