The past few years have seen brands reaching out to the Latino consumer, and 2012 continues the trend. Online news sources, television channels and print magazines have all launched Spanish versions, or versions aimed at acculturated English-speaking Latinos. As summertime approaches, popular family destinations get in on the action.

While Disneyland has had Latino targeted ads as far back as 1988, some recent events take things a step further. In January of this year, Disneyland hosted a three-day Día de Reyes Magos event which featured mariachi performances and folklorico dancers for entertainment as well as Rosca de Reyes and tamales to eat. Last year, Disney launched Spanish-language Facebook pages for both Disney World and Disneyland.

Six Flags, which has multiple parks throughout the country, has a page on its website that says in Spanish: "For the convenience of our Spanish speaking customers, we now have important information in Spanish for many of our parks."

Even smaller destinations are making sure Spanish-speaking visitors feel welcome; my kids took a recent trip to Mount Vernon, the former home of President George Washington, and they returned with a pamphlet that read "Mapa de visitantes" – the Spanish version of the visitor map provided to guests so they can find their way around the large estate.

Sea World in Orlando, like Disney, has created an actual event for Latinos. Viva la Música Festival which kicks off this year on April 14th will include Latin American cuisine, arts and crafts, as well as performances by Elvis Crespo, Grupo Niche, RKM & Ken-Y and Gilberto Santa Rosa. 

Maribel Alicea, SeaWorld Orlando Viva la Música Project Manager, explains why having Latina bloggers attend the event is important to them:

"As the media environment continues to evolve, we recognize that social media plays an integral role in marketing all of our events.  This year, we're excited to have the opportunity to partner with Ella Media to showcase Viva la Música to a diverse group of Latina bloggers and further reach the Latin community."

Ella Media founder, Melanie Edwards, a Fox News Latino contributor, looks forward to the event.

"I last attended the event quite a few years ago, so I personally know how much fun it is," says Edwards. "Cultural relevance is important for reaching many Latino consumers and Latina bloggers are perfect for sharing a brand's message with content that speaks to our cultura."

Tracy López is a bilingual writer living outside the DC Metro area and the founder of

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Tracy López is a bilingual writer living outside the Washington DC metro area. She is the founder of


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