The proportion of all U.S. Latinos living in California or Texas declined from 50 percent in 2000 to 47 percent in 2010, the Pew Hispanic Center said Monday.

In 2010, the 10 U.S. states with the greatest numbers of Hispanics were California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Arizona, New Jersey, Colorado, New Mexico and Georgia.

The dominance of California, with 14.1 million Hispanics, and Texas, with 9.5 million, has diminished as Latinos have begun to settle in areas of the United States that are not traditional Hispanic enclaves. 

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According to the Pew study, the Hispanic population is now more dispersed than a decade ago and has sought new areas in which to live, such as Virginia and Georgia, and even some counties in Alaska.

On the state level, Hispanics as a percentage of total population are most numerous in New Mexico, Texas, California and Arizona, while Los Angeles County leads all U.S. counties with 4.7 million Latino residents.

The areas with the greatest proportion of Hispanics born in the United States are Maryland with 54 percent, the District of Columbia with 52 percent and Alabama with 51 percent.

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The Pew report is based on U.S. Census Bureau data.

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