This may only look like an old rotary phone, but in fact it is the world’s first analog Twitter client created in Ukraine – the case of a crazy suggestion turning into a bizarre invention.

“A friend of mine posted on Twitter how cool it would have been to tweet from an old rotary phone. We thought a little and realized it was possible, with current technologies” Dmitry Krasnoukhov, tweephone creator.

The tweephone was not designed as a commercial item - only for fun. But given twitter’s growing popularity and the widespread love for antiques, it could easily become a very trendy tool.

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The tweephone is very easy to use. You just have to dial numbers which correspond with the letters - just like sending a text message on a regular cell phone. So now I’m sending a message to myself on Twitter.

For now, the tweephone is attached only to one Twitter account - its very own - but could in time be expanded if it takes off in the market, to use it for any Twitter or similar micro-blog website.

While there’s certainly room for development from the basic concept as exists now, its creator believes it could bring Twitter onto the streets.

“We actually thought it would be a great idea to alter its interface and install something like Twitter phone booths in the streets, so everyone could walk in, log in and tweet” Dmitry Krasnoukhov, tweephone creator.

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For now, Twitter’s owners have not contacted the tweephone’s masterminds. But who knows - should an enthusiastic investor pop up, sometime in the future we could be seeing tweephone booths on every corner.

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