Spanish police arrested 46 people at a cockfighting ring located in the eastern town of Callosa de Segura.

The promoters of the cockfights specially trained the birds to increase their aggressiveness and used roosters with the combs amputated to which they administered amphetamines, caffeine or strychnine, police said.

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Entry into the cockfighting venue cost 10 euros ($13) and inside the bets normally ranged from 300-600 euros ($390-$780), although these figures increased during the so-called "million fights," in which the participants could bet up to 10,000 euros ($13,000) per fight.

A month ago, police began investigating several members of a cultural association formed to raise and export roosters of the Spanish fighting breed.

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While breeding fighting roosters for export is legal, the birds must not be used in Spain for fights that end in death or result in cruelty or mistreatment of the birds.

Police came to the house just when one of the illegal fights was under way and arrested 46 people, of whom six had organized the fights and the rest were there to witness them.

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