Valentine’s Day is not only about being in a loving relationship with your dream man. It’s also about friendship and family. Did you know that there are about 100 million unmarried people in the US?

With so much media and commercial exposure of this one day, some of us might be feeling left out of the celebration.

Do not feel you cannot celebrate because you are not in a relationship. For me, it is a day to be thankful for all the wonderful friends that really care about my well being and, above all, grateful for the love of my mother, sister and nephew.  Men come and go. If you are in love with your demanding career, have serious responsibilities toward your family, it kind of becomes hard to find the time for the right balance to nourish a relationship.

Successful young women should not be discouraged because there are great men out there (somewhere) waiting to meet women like us. It’s just a matter of timing and what your game plan is!!!

One of the trending ways to meet possible partners these days is online dating. A quarter of adult American couples are meeting online.  More people meet online now than meet through school, church, work, bars and parties…it’s unbelievable!

Do not be mistaken, no matter how you meet there is always a process of developing this relationship that requires loving maintenance to build a strong foundation for a long-lasting partnership of love!

I read some blog posts about fun ideas of how singles can celebrate Valentine’s Day. But they were pretty much what we always do on a regular day; movies, yoga, spa, dinner, (etc..) which honestly would not take the feeling away of not having a special someone this day.  The other morning, one of my best friends texted me an idea that most probably will become our signature Singles Valentine’s Day event, that is, if we are not in-love LOL!

My Valentine’s Day is going to be perfect. I meet with a fabulous group of single girlfriends and, thanks to Millie Robles’ brilliant idea, we are creating a FUNtastic Sunset Picnic at a beautiful park overlooking Miami Beach. Linda Ponder, my sister, suggested that we have a styling blanket, flowers, some beach chairs, wine and fun appetizers spread including some cute mini-cupcakes. To add to our friendship celebration, we are having a secret Valentine’s Day exchange and each one of us will bring an inspirational gift no more than $10.

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And one last thought to think about: How about if we decide to invite some single guy friends and see how creative they can get with the $10 gift? Or should we just keep it as a Girlie Singles Valentine’s Day event?

GirlFriends, hope you have the perfect Valentine’s Day – whether you are single or in a relationship.

Las quiero xo!

Lynn Ponder is an entrepreneur, content producer and Founder

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