More than 100 residents of Monterrey, the capital of the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, worked on the preparation over the weekend of a Guinness record 139.9-meter (nearly 459-foot) "world's longest tamale," Mayor Fernando Larrazabal said.

"What we are trying to do with these events is create a sense of belonging in the city of Monterrey," the mayor said.

A total of 150 volunteers from 30 neighborhoods prepared, laid out and distributed each of the 10,000 pieces of the traditional Mexican dish, Larrazabal said.

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The giant tamale was a whopping 90 centimeters (35 inches) wide.

Tamales, which get their name from the Nahuatl word for "wrapped," are a pre-Columbian dish made from corn flour, wrapped in corn husks, steamed and usually filled with beef.

Notary public Sergio Elias Gutierrez certified the tamale's measurements and confirmed that all Guinness requirements for a world record had been met.

The tamale's preparation was one of the events held during the 3rd Monterrey Culinary Show on the downtown Plaza Zaragoza.

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Mayor Larrazabal thanked sponsors Gruma and Tamales Regios, as well as all the volunteers, for helping the city get the world record.

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