Fox 10’s Jayme King is showing us how to pick the best Christmas trees and how to make them last longer.

He visits a family-owned Christmas tree lot on the northwest corner of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Loop 101 in Scottsdale.

Tips to know you're getting a fresh tree:

1. Ask Where It Came From - Some Christmas tree lots buy trucked-in trees before Thanksgiving, meaning they'll drop needles faster than airlines can raise their baggage fees. Weeks may have passed since those trees were originally cut, so always ask the vendor where and when they buy their trees.

2. Check for Freshness - Is the tree green and healthy with a fragrant scent and moist, flexible needles? Does it have damaged bark or broken branches? When you bounce it lightly on the ground, does it shower you with needles?

3. Weigh It - A heavy tree -- proportionate to its size -- means it contains a higher water content and is therefore fresh.

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