Actor Charlie Sheen stirred up the Colombian resort city of Cartagena, despite the fact that very few people actually saw him on the streets or in local businesses.

Sheen's visit occurred "mysteriously," according to media reports on Thursday which did not actually say whether or not he was still in the city.

The daily El Universal even speculated that the fired star of "Two and a Half Men," who had earned almost $2 million per episode before he was dumped by the show, "is collecting $5,000 for agreeing to do an interview in Cartagena."

The paper went on to say that one of the actor's 10 bodyguards told reporters that "business is business."

El Universal added that the bodyguards had asked the actor not to show himself in public because going out on the streets of the colonial city is "dangerous," but it doesn't appear that he paid much attention to them.

The photographs published over the past couple of days in the local media show Sheen smoking a cigar on the patio of a famous bookstore where he posed with the owner and gave some money to a man on a street while trying to move about incognito wearing dark glasses and a hat.

Other photos show Sheen trying to quickly get into a car surrounded by his bodyguards to elude people who had recognized him in a local restaurant or bar.

The press also reported that the bodyguards have been confronting - and keeping at a distance - tourists, photographers and reporters who have tried to approach the actor.