A baby doll that curses? Some parents are asking Toys"R"Us to take a group of dolls off store shelves because they believe it sounds like one of them has a potty mouth.

The "You & Me Interactive Play and Giggle Triplet Dolls" are cute little dolls with moving parts that laugh and talk baby talk. But some parents think the baby says, "OK crazy b**ch." The talk is shocking to some shoppers.

"Even if they don't know what that means, it's still inappropriate," said Lindsay Gaiser. But not everyone noticed anything odd. "My mind didn't go there initially," said Mary Rossi.

A spokesperson for Toys"R"Us says what families are hearing is only "baby babble," and not any real words. The company has had a small number of complaints, but does not intend to take the doll off store shelves.

The dolls are made by Toys"R"Us exclusively for Toys"R"Us stores.

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